ABAP Debugger

The Debugger is a programming tool that we can use to execute ABAP programs, by line or by section. With this tool, we can display data objects and check the flow logic of programs.
At the moment, two types of debugging are possible: Debugging with the classic Debugger for release levels prior to 6.40 or debugging with the new Debugger, which is available for all releases after 6.40.
 The main differences between the classic and the new ABAP Debuggers are described below:
  • The new ABAP Debugger is executed in its own external mode (Debugger), while the application to be analyzed (debuggee) uses a second external mode. So far, the application to be analyzed and the debugger itself shared the same roll area of an external mode. For this reason, each action of the Debugger could influence the program flow of the application. Therefore, the classic Debugger cannot use any ABAP statements for designing the user interface. The path for designing modern UI techniques is not available for it.
· With the classic Debugger it is generally not possible to analyze programs in debugging mode that run in an ABAP processor unit and are called recursively from a subordinate unit. For example, a conversion exit cannot be analyzed using the Debugger if it runs within a WRITE statement. However, with the new Debugger this is possible.
  • The new Debugger provides the user with a flexible interface that can be configured as required and has more than eight desktops. Here it is possible to place and arrange up to four tools - depending on the user's selection. For example, it is possible to display source texts or structures. In this way, the user can design the Debugger interface according to his own individual requirements.
There are plans to make the new Debugger the default option as soon as it contains the following functions, which are currently not available:
  1. Watchpoints
  2. Debugging special types (http, BSP, RFC, update task)
  3. Display of memory consumption
  4. Display of system areas

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